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  • Have you lived in a community property state (AZ, CA, ID, LA, NM, NV, TX, WA, WI) while married?:  

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  • OBJECTIVES Identify the reasons you are planning or areas you would like to learn more about: Pets, guns, high value retirement accounts ($250K+), businesses, elderly/disabled beneficiary. (Click/drag the bottom right corner for easier view.):  

  • Preserve & Maximize Assets: Please identify your reasons/interests: Minimize or eliminate estate taxes upon your death (35% of your assets and life insurance benefits), reduce estate administration costs through probate avoidance, avoid or limit claims, e:  

  • Protect Yourself and Your Spouse: Please indicate your reasons/interests: Protection from malpractice or creditor claims, guardianship proceedings, probate delays.:  

  • Protect Your Children or Beneficiaries: Please indicate your reasons/interests: Protection from financial predators, claims of divorced spouses, malpractice claims, creditors' claims, stress and delays of probate, financial immaturity and loss of inherit:  

  • Do you have a will, trust, or other estate planning document? (If yes, please furnish copies.)*:  

  • Are you making payments pursuant to a divorce or property settlement order? If yes, please furnish a copy.*:  

  • Have you and your spouse signed a pre- or post-marriage contract? If yes, please furnish a copy.*:  

  • INCOME Your earned monthly income.*:  

  • INCOME Spouse's earned monthly income.:  

  • INCOME Your joint monthly income.:  

  • ASSETS Please list interest in real estate including family residence, vacation homes, time shares or vacant land. List address, ownership (joint, community, tenant in common), market value and equity. (Click/drag the bottom right corner for easier view.)*:  

  • ASSETS Personal property. List major personal effects such as jewelry, collections, antiques, furs and all non-business property. State item, ownership and market value.*:  

  • ASSETS Bank & Savings Accounts. List Checking Account (CA), Savings Account (SA), Certificates of Deposit (CD), Money Market (MM), the name of the bank, owner on account and the balance. DO NOT INCLUDE IRAs or 401(k)s here.*:  

  • ASSETS Stocks & Bonds. List all stocks and bonds you own. If held in a brokerage, lump them together under each account. Include the name of the bank, owner on account and the value.*:  

  • ASSETS Life Insurance Policies & Annuities. List term, whole life, split dollar, group life, annuity. Include insurance company, type, face amount (death benefit), whose life is insured, who own the policy, current beneficiaries, who pays the premium.*:  

  • ASSETS Retirement Plans. Pension (P), Profit Sharing (PS), H.R.10, IRA, SEP, 401(k). Describe the types of plans and their current values.*:  

  • ASSETS Business Interests. General and limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, privately owned corporations, professional corporations, oil interests, farm and ranch interests. Describe each interest, who has the interest, your ownership.*:  

  • ASSETS Money owed to you. Include mortgages or promissory notes owed to you. Include the name of the debtor, date of note, maturity date, who funds are owed to and the current balance owed.*:  

  • ASSETS Anticipated inheritance, gift or lawsuit judgments. Include gifts or judgments you expect to receive at some time in the future.*:  

  • ASSETS Other. Please include all other property not included above.*:  

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